Born a SW Georgia native,

C-MILLZ  who found him self living the street life during his early teen years without an active father his life; searching for family acceptance.

In high school C-MILLZ became a young single father of one and still managed to graduate from High School.

While Raising his son, C-MILLZ started an independent multi-media production  company (Miller Boy Productions, LLC) back in 2006. 

His Entrepreneurship in music and video production combined with a College Education in Business & Marketing;  set out to put his company on his back and become a success in his own right. 

C-MILLZ wrote, recorded, produced and released his first independent album (Miller Tyme) in 2011 while practicing his craft in eye of the public doing local/regional shows in the Tri-State area.

Preparing for 2021 as C-MILLZ look back at the years past gives him Inspiration and motivation to write a book about his life's journey. As C-MILLZ continue Pushing his multi media company to the next level, I wouldn't count him out at this point even throughout this pandemic in 2021.