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   Damion Neville AKA the mack daddy of rhymes at the time and CYRIL NEVILLE JR formed a group called  DEFF GENeRATION and released a cd called medicine, from that cd history was made, the hit single RUNNING WITH THE SECOND LINE made an huge impact  in the crescent city, being the first group of that era to mix brass band and rap funk   made it jump to the top of the charts on local radio station  Q93 for three months, the group went on to win the Big Easy award for best album in 1992. The group also open shows for Tina Marie, The Gap Band , The Neville Brothers, and many more, while performing in front of thousands at jazz festivals and in arenas the group seemed headed for the big time, it didnt hurt having the number one song in japan, they appeared on bill boards and were in several Japanese magazines.  

    The short lived fame of the group went cold when Damion Neville was arrested but later found not guilty for a crime he did not commit, the fifteen piece band broke into smaller segments forming sub groups and solo acts that continued to thrive over the decade. Trouble wasn't far from Neville, it lurked around the corner like an angry animal waiting to pounce upon its prey, once again Neville finds himself on the run from police for a drug deal gone bad reported as a robbery. As a wanted man he continued to do shows with a mask to hide his identity and divert cops, Damion Neville known at the time  as Tripple XXX went on to do shows with OUTKAST,  SPICE 1, TUPAC and a long list of others. once again trouble found him while on the run, still running the streets while peddling drugs and trying to keep a drug addiction from growing into a gorilla it was one obstacle after another he always  seemed to find trouble.  While dodging the police dealing with street beef and a massive cocaine addiction once again Neville finds himself at another cross road that ran into a dead end landing Neville in a hospital bed after  a shooting that left one man dead and Neville injured with gun a shot wound. 

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